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Building & Securing The Net since 1996

Simply Preferred! Cisco, Fortinet, Lenovo, ESET & Bitdefender

Specializing in data analytics & business process automation, workflow efficiency, network security, blockchain, communications, intuitive UX/UI design & development, forensic accounting & that’s just the start!

Preferred Services and preferred products, vetted by an industry professional serving the net since 1996, an era when email had just started being used by the general public. Focusing on IT (Information Technology) services, onsite & online, including but not limited to SaaS web applications & mobile applications to help you manage your finances, keep track of savings goals & investments, accounting, invoicing, preferred website hosting provider with redundant networking, compute & storage solutions, banking, loan & line of credit services we use and it’s our pleasure to share all of them with you!

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